Acer is a well known and top rated brand for producing both desktop and laptop computers. Acer computer hard drive can be fragmented into two or more logical drives/partitions. By partitioning Acer hard drive, one can store a set of data on a particular partition. This storage strategy helps you to access needed data in quick time. But there are few cases due to which you may get into deep trouble. That is, you may lose your valuable data because of lost or deleted Acer partition.

Acer partitions may get deleted or lost due to number of reasons. For example, if you have installed Windows OS on your Acer computer, then inbuilt Disk Management utility helps you to delete, merge or resize the partitions. But if you perform any of this operation inappropriately, then there are chances for loss or deletion of Acer partition. Usually user thinks that, once partition gets deleted or lost then the data stored on it is permanently gone it and can’t be retrieved. But it is not the fact!! Yes, because you can easily restore all your valuable data by performing Acer partition recovery.

But to carry out this recovery task or to know how to restore Acer partition, you need to make use of an efficient and most recommended tool such as Acer Data Recovery Software. This recovery tool is specially designed to restore Acer partition in order to get back data from lost or deleted Acer partitions. This Acer partition recovery application can also be utilized to recover Acer Windows 8 partition data in a short duration of time.

How Acer partition may get deleted or lost?

  • Partition Table is a system file which contains essential information about hard drive partitions such as file system, name, size etc. If the partition Table of your Acer computer gets corrupted, then it may cause partition loss.
  • Virus or malwares are most effective programs that can corrupt partition header. If the partition header of your Acer computer gets corrupted due to severe virus attack, then there are chances that your Acer partition may get disappears.
  • Acer partition may get deleted when you try to reallocate free space among existing partitions. There are even chances that you may lose Acer partition due to errors while converting the file system.
  • In order to create a new partition or to resize existing partition, you may use third party application. But if this process ends up due to interruptions, then it may leads to loss or deletion of Acer partition.

There might some other reasons that can cause loss or deletion of Acer partition such as accidental deletion, partition corruption, damaged logical structure of Acer hard drive, interruption during repartitioning and reinstallation of OS, boot record corruption etc. In all these situations, Acer data recovery is the only tool using which; you will get to know how to restore Acer partition with utmost ease, please visit here:

Salient features of Acer Data Recovery Software

Acer Data Recovery is well known and highly rated software to recover Acer partition within few clicks of mouse. This recovery tool has been designed with strong scanning programs that can effectively perform Acer laptop recovery. Other than Acer partition recovery, this tool is also useful for Acer Iconia Tab recovery to recover lost or deleted data from it. It has simple and easy to use interface which helps you to know how to restore Acer partition in few simple steps. It is capable to retrieve Acer partition having different file system like FAT, NTFS and ExFAT. This utility can even perform partition recovery from Acer computer that is running on different Windows and Mac OS. Using this application, you can even restore lost or deleted partition from external hard drive. Its Preview option enables you to view the recovered data before restoration. If you have lost or deleted data from Acer Aspire One D260 laptop, then don’t panic! Visit: and know how to perform Acer Aspire One D260 recovery in a small amount of time.

Perform Acer Partition Recovery using following steps:

Step 1: Download demo version of this recovery tool and then install it on the hard disk of your computer to restore Acer partition. Double click on the shortcut icon to run the installed software and then select "Recover Drives" option from the main screen as shown in Figure A.

Acer Partition Recovery - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, choose "Partition Recovery" option to find lost or deleted partition as shown in Figure B.

Acer Partition Recovery - Select Option

Figure B: Select Option

Step 3: From the list of drives that are present on the computer, select the restored partition from which you want to recover data and then click on “Proceed” button as shown in Figure C.

Acer Partition Recovery - Select Deleted or Lost Partition

Figure C: Select Deleted or Lost Partition

Step 4: On completion of recovery process, you can Preview the recovered data either in “File Type View” or “Data View” as shown in Figure D.

Acer Partition Recovery - Preview Restored Files

Figure D: Preview Restored Files


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